Friday, June 10, 2016

News and Notes: Volume 2, Number 33

If there are phrases I hear too often it is "The year flew by,"  or, "It goes so fast. Blink, and you'll miss it.' Admittedly, this year, it did go by at a relatively fast rate. But with graduation last Sunday (which was live streamed on our Facebook page, and you can check out the video in case you missed it) and a ceremony for our 6th grade students yesterday as they wrap up their final year at the elementary school., we are definitely ending the year on a high note. And if I have kept my schedules straight, we are quickly headed for the last day of school on the 15th.

Before summer break begins, please take a minute to recap the year with me in my last installment of News and Notes for the 2015/2016 school year. Below are my top stop stories from this school year, which "flew by." Feel free to share with us on social media what your favorite moments from this school year are.

2015/2016 School Year's Top 15 Reasons Why It is a Great Day to be a Trojan
Number 15: NN 2.18, WLPS: We're Kind of a Big Deal
Number 14: NN 2.24, 5 Million in Tax Payers Savings
Number 13: NN 2.29, Super Science Day
Number 12: NN 2.16, Intro to Blue Lion
Number 11: NN 2.7, WLES Student Council
Number 10: NN 2.9; 2.16 and 2.21, Retirement of Jim Vibbart and introduction to new board members Shelli Kritzman and Laura Schwennesen
Number 9: NN 2.14, Aimee Taylor's Bringing Science to Life Award
Number 8: NN 2.24, Map to Khan Academy
Number 7: NN 2.9, Financial Stability
Number 6: NN 2.3, WLES Guitar Class
Number 5: NN 2.2, Summer Literacy Program
Number 4: NN 2.17, Varsity Competitive Cheer Aim for Three-Pete
Number 3: NN 2.6, Trobots in Lansing
Number 2: 2.12, Start of Chromebook Campaign
Number 1: NN 2.29, Teacher Appreciation

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