Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Special Edition News and Notes: Volume 2, Number 12

For almost a year now I have been sharing the many reasons why I think Whitmore Lake Public Schools are special in my weekly News and Notes.  The entire staff and I are honored to work with the parents and children of this community.  Each week is a just a highlight of what makes our schools a special and honorable place. 
Today, I am asking you to reflect on the work our teachers do and the impact it has on the young people in this community. I am asking you to invest in our schools. 
There is a need for added technology in our buildings, and I believe the need should be addressed immediately.  When Jim Vibbart resigned from the Board of Education last month, knowing the only way to meet this need was reach out to our community, he challenged our Board of Education with matching a contribution he and his wife Carol made to get the ball rolling.  Rolling it is.
The goal? 60 Chromebooks in 60 Days, with a fundraising goal of $11,000 by the end of January. We will be kicking it off on December 1, Giving Tuesday, a week from today. You can read more of the details HERE. When the online donation site goes live next week, we will send you the link through e-mail, so keep an eye out for that. Meanwhile, today your students brought home a sheet to compile family's and friends' emails who want to receive more information on how they can support our students. Students who bring those back, filled out, will be entered to win one of many gift cards given away at their school's holiday assembly.
Donate, spread the word, match, you name it. Before you know it, the News and Notes headline on Friday, January 29 will be "60 Chromebooks in 60 Days: WLPS Community GETS IT DONE."
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Trojans.

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