Thursday, June 15, 2017

News and Notes: 3.28

Top 10 (which turned into 11) from 2016/2017 School Year
We always end the year of News and Notes with a top ten, highlighting what I identify as my favorite stories from the past school year. Believe it or not, this is our 28th post this year for News and Notes, along with six episodes of Facebook Live Fridays, so narrowing it down wasn't easy. Therefore, I'm breaking the mold and going with top 11.  
I've spent the past month in particular reflecting upon the class of 2017 as they wrapped up their time at WLPS. I've been reflecting on the students who will eventually take their place and the need to continue to be creative and innovative with programming. And with the passing of our sinking fund and a variety of other events throughout the year, the support of our community (both within our buildings made up of teachers, staff and parents, along with the Whitmore Lake community at large) and the need to always stay connected with our alumni, our Trojan family, was at the front of my mind. The top 11 listed below are a representation of all that. I hope you enjoy reflecting on the successes of this past school year, as well, and enjoy your summer break.
See you in the fall.
9.   Student Athletes Signing Letters of Intent (3.16 and 3.17)
8.   Visiting Chinese Teachers (3.25)
7.   Community Based Instruction and Community Partnership in the Pool (3.13)
6.   Project Based Learning and the Free Little Library (3.24)
5.   Facebook Live Friday with WLES Kindergarteners
4.   Sinking Fund Success (3.9)
3.   New Programming at WLPS (3.20)
2.   Laura Sanderson's Second Every Day (3.27)
1.   Jump Rope for Heart All-Star, Mackenzie Williams (3.23)

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