Friday, September 30, 2016

News and Notes: 3.4

Diverging from taxes and facilities this week.  Here are some highlights from our schools making me proud to call myself a Trojan.

Equestrian Team 
Our equestrian team became winners of another District Title last weekend.  This weekend, the team led by veterans Emerald Cole, Megan Prast, and Annoura Miller,  will be competing for a Regional crown in Corunna at the Shiawassee County Fairgrounds.  Members of this team train year-round, and their competitions start in August before many students even think about starting school again.  They are supported by dedicated parents who cart their large, four-legged friends back and forth to equestrian venues.  The coaches (Robert Head and Audrey Blaszczyk) put in long days this time of year and are working hard to bring home a state championship.  Good luck to you, Trojans and your Trojan horses!

Early Childhood Center
The big day at the ECC this week was Thursday--the ice cream social.  The staff at the ECC has had a high-energy start to their year, and these preschool children have been showing their skills - one young lady was particularly proud to recite, without a single mistake, the Pledge of Allegiance!  Such good work deserves ice cream in my opinion. We love having these future graduates working with our teachers in the Early Childhood Center.

Varsity Volleyball
The team has been on a win streak and is tearing through conference play.  Coach Coleman is keeping the team focused as they approach next Thursday when they host Clinton to kick off Homecoming week's athletic events.  If you haven't seen any of our Trojan teams compete yet this year, put this one on your calendar.  The student section will be making some noise.  I hope you join us.

The WLHS Robotics team, TroBots, started a handful of years ago with only a few members.  We added a middle school team about four years ago, called the Titanium Trojans.  Both teams have done well and competed at the state championships.  One year, the TroBots even went to the national championship.  Excitement has been growing and so has interest among our student body.  What once required me, personally, to heavily recruit members, is now a popular club.  It is so big this year at WLHS, a second team has been added!  This is a great team experience.  I encourage all students to get involved with something. If you have a son or daughter who has been looking for an afterschool activity - you can't beat this.

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